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Actually, it works opposite of what we accept.   In fact, the dogs we can take in depend on what kind of foster homes we have!   You would tell us what size, temperament, etc. dog would do well in your foster home.    It would also depend on what other animals you have and what they will accept in your home.     Of course, we would meet you and perform a home visit before placing  a dog in your home.  

We do take pride in the knowledge, skill, and love our fosters have.   We would also learn what level of expertise or experience you have as we do take in some extensive medical cases that require regular / frequent veterinary care. 

And you would never be left alone.   We are available 24 hours a day to help you every step of the way! 

Fosters are critical to the success and operation of any all-foster network rescue.  We do not have a shelter and therefore, if the new dog does not have a place to go, we cannot accept the dog.   Not being able to take in an animal in need is simply  heart-breaking! 

The rescue network is truly a village!    We receive phone calls, emails,  social media tags, texts, etc. on a daily basis of dogs in need.  Local shelters will call when they get full, if they have a frightened dog that needs out asap, a dog with urgent medical care needs, etc.  Other contacts will reach out when dogs are orphaned from his/her guardian falling ill or entering a hospice situation.  And then there are the contacts who come in possession of commercial breeder dogs that are no longer producing.   Lastly (though I'm probably forgetting something), the owner surrenders who have come upon hard times and have no choice but to find a safe place for their beloved companion they can no longer care for. 

Please don't hesitate to ask!!!   We are always in need of quality foster homes and truly get excited when some compassionate new person considers joining us!!

Not a thing financially.. just your love, compassion and time.    Dogs Unlimited Rescue covers all food, bowls, dog beds, treats, medications, veterinary visits, etc.  We typically receive many items via generous donations that we share with all foster homes.   There is no expense to any foster. 

Why kind of foster homes do you accept? 

Does it cost me anything?

Interested in fostering? 

Where do you get the dogs from? 


a 501(c)3 non-profit all-breed rescue

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