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In response to the COVID19 pandemic, so many families are experiencing financial hardship.  At these times, it may be difficult to provide the proper care for your furry companions.    We, here, at Dogs Unlimited Rescue, would like to help.    We are accepting  donations specifically for disbursement to pets in need.        

Having said that, if you are one of the blessed individuals who can spare some finances, however small, we welcome your donation!!   TOGETHER, we can build a Pet Relief Fund large enough to distribute to those in need.   Your generosity and true fellowship towards our four legged friends and their guardians keeping them safe and fed, is truly appreciated.   You are earning your angel wings without a doubt!!  

Please note: All Funds received will be kept separate from our Dogs Unlimited Rescue Funds.  ALL funding received will be disbursed to the pets in need of food, medical care, supplies, etc.  An application for funds is required to ensure funds are appropriately spent.  

Pet Relief Fund

If using a laptop/PC, a PayPal account is not required. 

If using phone or iPad, a PayPal account IS required. 

Please make a note that your donation is for the Pet Relief Fund. 

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If you are in need of funds  or assistance for your pets,  please complete and submit this form below. 

If you are unable to leave your home for any reason and your furry companion is in need of supplies or food, we will find a way to make the purchases for you and deliver items to your home.   It will, most likely be a "no contact" delivery with items being left on your doorstep.  

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